Monday, December 7, 2020

Eyes Like Cindy-Lou Who

Year 8-Day 342: Today, I am grateful for eyes like Cindy-Lou Who.

"In a world full of Grinches, be a Cindy-Lou Who."

Our Great-Niece, Adelynn, loves "The Grinch". She always has. I remember the year before she had full command of the English language... she would say, "Grinch not mean. Grinch nice." Her tender little heart saw through the anger and saw the hurt in the Grinch. 

I always think the Grinch might be too scary for little ones, but Adelynn sees through the gruff and grouch to the wounded heart. It reminds me why Jesus warned us to not neglect the children. They are close to the heart of God. They are little barometers for emotion. 

In this Christmas season, there are many looking to complain and grouch around.  I need to remind myself to be more like Adelynn, who looks past crabby demeanor and into the heart of the hurting. She has eyes like Cindy-Lou Who. I need to put on Cindy-Lou Who eyes, too. Eyes like Jesus. 

"“But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you," -Luke 6:27

The Grinch-like amongst us are not exactly our enemies, but we tend to avoid them. We are directed to lean in so we can understand them better. And even if we don't understand them, we can do our best to be kind and compassionate. It is amazing what a little kindness can do. 

Today, I am grateful for eyes like Cindy-Lou Who.

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