Sunday, July 1, 2018

Savor Not Stir

No automatic alt text available.Daily Gratitude Year 6-Day 180: Today, I am grateful we can savor instead of stir.
Did you know families... even the best ones... can be complicated? Today, we gathered family from as far as Florida and Maui, Hawaii in Traverse City,Mi. It was a Morgan/Ackerman/ Smith shindig that turned out to be the most amazing day. Seriously, the best day ever!
Not sure how many came( it was a bunch) but we savored the memories and made a few more.
Seriously, not a one of us is promised tomorrow. There is a unique joy that comes from savoring reunions. Four out of six of Randy’s siblings were there. Extend family with favorite Uncles and Aunts and cousins galore. Laughter and more laughter everywhere you looked.
We savored every minute.
Love is the best choose. Always.
Today, we can savor instead of stir.

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