Thursday, November 14, 2019


Image may contain: 2 people, including Abigail Davis, people smiling, eyeglasses, outdoor and closeupDaily Gratitude Year 7-Day 318: Today, I am grateful for our Walker.

When God grants you a baby, it is a bit overwhelming... at any age. Our baby was born when I was 31. We were more practiced at parenting, but by no means experts. For the second time, God trusted us with a son. We have been grateful for him every single day. 

Walker's heart, wit and sense of wonder have kept us busy from the day he was born. It feels like he grew up really fast... he was always trying to catch up with the big boys. His command of language came early. He knows the power of words and does his best to use the for good. He is articulate, smart, generous and kind. He is loyal and loving. We adore him.

Children are a gift from the Lord;they are a reward from him. -Psalm 127:3

These words are so true. We don't deserve children... they are a gift. They are a reward. However they come to us... by birth... by adoption... or by marriage. Each one is a treasure. How we take care of them matters to the Lord and to future generations. 

Walker completed our family of four on this day more than two decades ago. When he marries his chosen one, Abigail (no date has been set), we will be a family of six. I must confess... I love this season of adult children. The best of times are when we are just hanging out together. 

It is always good to pause and ponder the gift of a life on their birthday. Walker... you are deeply loved and celebrated. 

Today, I am grateful for our Walker.

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