Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Gratitude Is Good Medicine

Daily Gratitude Year 7 - Day 37: Today, I am grateful gratitude is good medicine. 

Every day there are reasons to smile and unwrap a dose of gratitude. I prefer it in the morning, as it truly sets the tone for the day. 

Intentional thankfulness... it never goes out of style. It is timeless and holds its value like few other things. In fact, silver and gold will fluctuate with the market, but a grateful heart is priceless. It never tarnishes and doesn't need to be locked up and protected. A grateful heart seeds the sense of abundance. What it does require is discipline. 

My cousin and a close friend both have healthy and beautiful new grandsons. Seeing those first pictures, I can almost smell the unique sweetness that comes with a newborn. Each one is a miracle that arrives wrapped in wonder. Camden Michael and Porter James will bring joy beyond measure. Their blessings might be wrapped in a few sleepless nights, but child is worth every lost minute of sleep.  

Babies are big joyful events, but what about the little spots of gratitude in the simple things like socks without holes, shoes that don't leak and plenty of food in the fridge. Savor the small and simple and abundance will follow. 

For those completing "Make your own Sunshine" February Gratitude Journals... feel the perspective shift that comes with the daily dose. 💓

"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."-Psalm 107:1

Today, I am grateful gratitude is good medicine. 

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