Monday, February 4, 2019

The Real Deal

Daily Gratitude Year 7 - Day 35: Today, I am grateful for the real deal. 

In this day in age, we spend half of our days sorting through what is real and truth and what is "theater". People... especially the media... seem to be far more concerned with what is dramatic and explosive, than they are with what is real and true. "Headlines sell papers." 

News conferences are sometimes more staged events, than real updates on the matters at hand. Humans seem to enjoy the drama, the fashion, the rhetoric and the sparks that are ignited. 

Has the faith community found themselves tempted by the same things? Have we become more concerned with what "the church" looks like, than mission? I think it is a challenging question and worth some prayer and reflection. 

"When it matters more what our faith looks like than what it is, it is not faith anymore, it is theater." -Bob Goff

February is "love month". I just finished Bob Goff's "Everybody Always". His books are as challenging as they are entertaining.  Chapter after chapter he lays out examples of what it looks like be the real deal when it comes to loving like Jesus. Not once did it matter what songs were sung, the color of carpet, pews or chairs... or if we sing hymns or praise songs.  

We are all human.I don't put my faith in Bob, even though I am pretty sure he is a great guy! I am grateful God gave him a heart for people and a clarity in his gospel message. "God is love." 

"But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love."-1 John 4:8

Bob would be the first to say we need to put our faith in Jesus, because He is the "real deal".  Jesus healed on the Sabbath. He hung out with tax collectors and fishermen. He spoke to a Samaritan woman with a questionable reputation. He was an amazing teacher when they opened up the scriptures, yet, he spent most of his ministry in relationship building and serving those in need. 

Our culture loves theater. Our God has not changed. He still loves a sincere heart that seeks his face and the one that loves others without testing the waters for their worthiness. None of us is worthy, but by His rich grace and sacrifice we are redeemed. 

Today, I am grateful for the real deal. 

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