Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Well Was There

Gratitude Year 9-Day 160: Today, I am grateful “the well was already dug.”

I saw this quote on Pinterest:
“Long before the Samaritan woman needed water, the well was already dug.”
Not sure of the author.
The recollection of Jesus and the Samaritan woman is the longest recorded conversation with Jesus in the Bible. She was a woman of questionable morals and not Jewish. For Him too pause for her was shocking to those around him.
I love that He sent the disciples off on little assignments. I imagine he was rarely alone. For her, he made an opportunity for her to get to know Him. he already knew about her.
He didn’t condemn her, he merely let her know he was aware of her situation and choices. I have often wondered about the rest of her story. Women had such limited choices in that day. Culture dictated so much. Jesus saw her pain and loneliness. He invited her to drink from the well that will not run dry.
The truth is that the well was in place long before the encounter that would change her life forever.
Today, I am grateful the well was already dug.

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