Thursday, July 29, 2021

Naps before Bedtime

Daily Gratitude Year 9- Day 209: Today, I am grateful for naps before bed. 

Remember when a nap was punishment? I think by college I realized the value of a good nap. By then, I was too busy juggling work and school to take one. It was then I learned about the nap before bedtime. 

Some days are too long and you have to grab a bit of sleep to complete the day's tasks. A quick nap before bed really can be the magical solution. Honestly, if I sit down, it isn't long before I doze off. But after the nap comes a good hour of finishing up the day. Sometimes, the burst of energy lasts a little longer, but the day ends in bed for sweet sleep. 

I saw a funny t-shirt the other day. It said, "Jesus napped." It made me giggle. It is true. I guess we all need reminders that a good nap is good for the body and the soul. He even napped when others thought he should be doing other things, like storm management. 

"Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping." -Matthew 8:24

Jesus, in human skin, needed rest. Even when storms were tossing the boat, he could rest. Our God is never without the power to care for us. Jesus was not concerned about the storm. The Master of the Universe holds us in His hand, so we can nap... and then we can sleep. He's got us covered. Still, he answered the disciple's cry for help and calmed the savage sea.  

A nap is a powerful restoration tool. 

Today, I am grateful for naps before bed. 

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