Sunday, September 2, 2018

My Nook

Year 6 - Day 245: Today, I am grateful for my nook.

Do you have a nook?  A place that you can sit cozy and content. This image represent the perfect spot. I do not currently have a window seat like this one, but I have my own cozy spot. Most of us probably do. 

One Christmas, after Walker was off to college, my guys decided to move my writing spot and crafting table upstairs. It was such a sweet gift, knowing how much I need light and a spot to write. It is my special place to study, read reflect and savor that first cup of coffee. 

This image grabbed my eye because of the window, the light, the French press and the shoeless girl with a mug in hand. Yes, a slice of heaven. Be sure to look up the artist online if it speaks to you, too. This image reminds me to rest and recharge. We all need a recharge at times. 

Jesus gave us a wonderful example to follow. When life got loud... or felt like too much... he would withdraw to the wilderness to pray. The crowds pressed in... as did the reality that his ministry was urgent and would be short. The people were starting to see his power and the church leaders were becoming more upset with him. When overwhelmed, he went somewhere quiet to pray. 

 But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer. -Luke 5:16 

In the wilderness, did he fully relax and savor time with the Father? Did he pray with tenacity for the mission ahead, that his human weaknesses would not interfere.? I don't know what he prayed, but I know the act of slipping off to a quiet spot is of great value. It helps us recharge and rekindle our passion and purpose. 

A little nook time has restoration power. 

Today, I am grateful for my nook.

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