Friday, September 21, 2018

Nature's Song

Year 6 - Day 264: Today, I am grateful for nature's song. 

The wind whistles through the leaves and they sound like a brush on a drum. The thunder rolls like the timpani (one of my favorite drums). Heaven and nature sing. Don't doubt it for a minute. 

Every once and awhile, I pull up this Lou Giglio video of a talk he does. It gives me chills every time. What if we captured the rocks crying out? What if we heard the stars singing? What if we had the skills to create a mashup for all to enjoy. Lou has talented friends. 

Watch what happens when Chris Tomlin's song "How Great is our God" is dropped in to join the whales and stars. It is indescribable. It must be experienced. Warning... 9 minutes... but they go fast.

Praise him, sun and moon!    Praise him, all you twinkling stars! -Psalm 148:3

He replied, “If they kept quiet, the stones along the road would burst into cheers!” -Luke 19:40

Find your song today. Join nature's song. Quiet your heart and listen for nature to lead the symphony. He takes my breath away and gives me life all at the same time. 

How can we help but praise him? 

Today, I am grateful for nature's song. 

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