Friday, September 14, 2018

This Gospel Choir

Year 6 - Day 257: Today, I am grateful for this gospel choir.

Our Leah Roth Landis sang with this group, I believe. I never saw it in person but the videos bring great joy. Here is the last crew from ONU singing with all kind of joy.
As I watching it, I was struck by the diversity in this group from the ways they look, dress and wear their hair. The beautiful array of skin tones adds so much beauty to the mix. Our differences should be celebrated!
They come from different places, socioeconomic backgrounds and life experiences. What a beautiful bunch! This is not a professional video - but the music is still amazing. Enjoy. Watch the movements and the self expression. This is joy that can't be contained.
My friends... the kind of music we listen to and sing matters! So much out there promotes hatred, anger and other self destructive things. We all have our favorite style, but if it is positive... it can change our days.
God is love. Jesus came to pour out his love and blood to pay for our sin debt. He conquered death. Boom! He's coming back. Boom! That is something to sing about.
I am grateful for the diversity in believers and singers. I am grateful music is a way we can come together and grow in love.
Today, I am grateful for this gospel choir.

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