Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sparks Fly Up

Daily Gratitude Year 7 - Day 22: Today, I am grateful sparks fly up.

The image is shared from my Bible Study group. I can almost feel the heat. 

Fire is a powerful thing.  For those who have  watched "Survivor" on television, you have witnessed the life saving power of fire for warmth and for cooking. Cooking makes some things safe to eat, that would make a person sick if left raw. But with the good of fire, comes the dangers, too. 

We've recently seen the power of wildfires. One little fire can start a forest or neighborhood burning. I am reading Job this week. It has brought this scripture to light. 

"People are born for trouble as readily as sparks fly up from a fire." -Job 5:7

Now, this is an observation from one of Job's friends.  His friends were more of a comfort on the seven days and nights they sat with him, sharing his grief ... in complete silence. But, being human... they began to speak. Not everything they said was hurtful, but not everything they said was helpful, either. Our tongues are so uncontrollable at times. His friend, Eliphaz, spoke the words in Job 5:7. It is a truthful observation. 

Trouble comes for a season. Sin exists and Satan has not been bound to Hell. His day will come, but until that day... we press on. Sparks fly up... and we are going to have trouble. Still, God is sovereign. There are some things he allows that somehow, in His time... work out for the good of those who love him. But in the midst of the trial, we have a burning desire for relief. 

Sparks fly up. I've never really thought about it, but it is true. At least, they don't typically shoot off to the side. By flying up, they get a chance to cool in the air and time for the spark to die out, before hitting the ground. 

If fire behaved differently, we could never enjoy a campfire or a fireplace. I am so grateful sparks fly up. Cozy fires are one of my favorite parts of winter. It makes winter more bearable. 

Today, I am grateful sparks fly up.

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