Sunday, March 28, 2021

Calmness In Gratitude


Year 9- Day 87: Today, I am grateful that gratitude creates calmness.

Mama Ina Mae is one of the most grateful people I have ever known. She chooses to be content with what she has. She never has the need to show someone else up. She has a humility about her that makes her quite easy to love. I have so much more to learn from her. 

I love this image of her with Walker and Abi's cat, Theo. Mama's Huntington's Disease causes uncontrollable movements that can be distracting. Theo crawled up in her blanket and snuggled right into her lap. She was tickled pink to be holding a fur-baby. 

Huntington's facial twitches make great smiles on Mama hard to catch. This genuine smile is like a gift from heaven. Holding Theo is good for her soul. As she held him, her movements almost ceased, something that rarely happens unless she is sleeping. In this moment, she is glowing. A grateful heart creates a calm the world struggles to achieve. 

This past year, we've learned the value of getting to see our people and spending time with loved ones. Being together is a reason to celebrate. That kind of gratitude is deep and wide.

"Be still and know..." in the stillness, we find Him.  It never wears out.

Today, I am grateful that gratitude creates calmness.

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