Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Open Window


Year 9- Day 65:  Today, I am grateful for open windows.

Today was unseasonably warm. There is a pure delight that comes with opening up the windows for the first time of the season. The Love of My Life calls getting out and changing things up "blowing the stink off". That is how it feels when you open the windows for the first time in the spring. 

It is not likely our real spring. We could see a bit more snow, but it should only be in scuffs at this point in the season. March is coming in like a lamb, so we will be wary of the lion. There could be some bitter chills ahead, but the worst is over. The sub zero temperatures will be replaced by lows in the 20's and 30's. And, soon winter will be history. 

We are not quite ready to plant a garden, but we can open the windows for a breath of fresh air. The scent of hope is on the breeze and the sun warms my face as I walk to the mailbox. The open window allows for sounds of the village to be heard once again. Dogs and children are common sounds. The laughter of children gathering outside for play is truly refreshing. These sounds are heard through the open window. 

When I think of the fresh smells that come through an open window, I am reminded of poor Noah on the ark. Imagine the scents collected. Or maybe, don't imagine too hard. It had to smell.  

"After another forty days, Noah opened the window he had made in the boat." -Genesis 8:6

Like the fresh scent of a new season on the cusp, so are our lives when we open our hearts to the One who came to save us. He longs to rescue us and to restore our lives with hope. We need only to open the window... the window of our heart. 

Today, I am grateful for open windows.

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