Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Forever Friends

 Year 9- Day 68:  Today, I am grateful for forever friends.

I am grateful we live near an Interstate highway... actually, we live near two. We can see I-74 from our house and I-55 is not too far away.  It means we are blessed with friends who come through and stop. Today was one of those days. 

The son of one of our groomsmen... and one of Randy's dearest friends... stopped by as he drove through Morton. It was good to share a meal and conversation. Steve is a good man, and reminds me so much of his dad, Denny.  Steve was just a boy when we were married. Our hearts are full that he would take the time to connect on his way through. 

It is hard to believe his dad, Denny, has been gone 16 years. Reminders of him are all around our home. Denny taught Randy many things about home improvement. Most home projects have echoes of the things Denny taught Randy running through them. 

Steve looks and acts so much like his Dad.  It was pure joy to catch up... and reminisce. I loved hearing Randy and Steve talk about their memories of times together in Florida and Ohio. The time passed too quickly.

Forever friends are special.

I am going to keep it short. My heart is full and I will go to sleep with a smile. 

Today, I am grateful for forever friends.

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