Saturday, October 9, 2021

April's Art


Daily Gratitude Year 9 - Day 282: Today, I am grateful for April's art. 

When a loved one exits the earth, we savor the special things they leave behind. A handwritten letter or notes in the margin of a Bible become priceless.

 A dear friend Julie... a sister in my heart... gifted me with a treasure box made by her father. It is a gift in three ways... the actual box, the love in the heart that was willing to share it, and the legacy of love the craftsman poured into the item. I love my special box. 

The image is a picture of a painting by my sister, April, before her death. It was actually a part of a class assignment. She found a black and white photo of my Dad and me, and she painted it from the photograph. It is priceless and precious. It currently hangs in Mama Ina Mae's room at Walker & Abi's for her to enjoy. 

I love the emotion this painting captures. You can feel the fierceness of a father's love and a little girl's whimsy. Who knows what I had in my hand? There is every chance it was a fuzzy caterpillar or some other item that caught a little girl's attention. I love that I am wearing a dress. Some things don't change. I still prefer a dress. 

I am grateful for art. It speaks to a special place in our soul. It is a gift over and over again. The artist pours their heart into the art. Then the art may be shared or purchased again and again over the years. There is a reason that paintings by great artists are collected by those who have money to spend on them. Honestly, there are some I wouldn't buy because they have no aesthetic appeal to me. Art is personal. Art is intimate. Art is a reflection of the hand and heart that create it. 

April will celebrate her 26th birthday in heaven on Sunday. I am so grateful we have her art... and a letter or two. She was a creative soul who lost track of time when creating something new. Sometimes, it went quickly. Other times, it was a battle to get it right. She learned perseverance and patience in her 28 years here. Much of that learning came through her art.

In this day of high tech wonders, I hope we don't lose the value of a pen, paper, a canvas and a paintbrush. Broken crayons still color. Mixed paints bring new hues. Life is messy, like the artist's palette. The most beautiful works of heart in art take time. We were made in His image to be creative. The challenge is to find the medium that fits us best. 

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, "Colossians 3:23

Search your heart and find your art. Share it with love. God delights in the creativity of His children. 

Today, I am grateful for April's art. 

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