Saturday, October 30, 2021

He Is Stronger


Daily Gratitude Year 9 - Day 303: Today, I am grateful He is stronger. 

Some days are not just hard... they are brutal. Many we love are struggling with one grief or another. Sometimes, we are handed grief on top of grief. 

We share grief just as we share the joys. Some seasons, it seems to pile so high,  we have trouble seeing over the top of the mess. 

Still... I know this to be true... if we lift our eyes to the heavens, His strength never fails. We fight and try to carry the burden on our own, when we really need to give it to him before we are broken down by the weight. He is stronger.

There are times when we know without a doubt that we could not and would not make it on our own. "Stronger" by Hillsong is running through my head. Thank you Earworm:

"You are stronger, you are stronger 

Sin is broken, you have saved me

It is written, Christ is risen!

Jesus you are Lord of all!"

Hold on to Him. Salvation is here... not over there. 

Today, I am grateful He is stronger. 

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