Monday, October 11, 2021

Waiting For A Turn

Daily Gratitude Year 9 - Day 284: Today, I am grateful for learning to wait for my turn. 

Mama Ina Mae was all about taking turns. The oldest of seven... and then it grew to ten... you rarely got to be "first" and "saving the best for last" often felt more like ending up with the leftovers. Mama modeled grace and patience. 

Even with our small sibling set of three, we were taught to wait and take turns. We were taught to make sure guests had plenty before taking for ourselves. We were taught to share our toys, our home, our time and our resources. It was ingrained into us every day and reinforced in Sunday School lessons on Sunday. 

Mama had a strong sense of fairness and justice that she tried to teach us. Bottom line, life wasn't always fair and our perceptions of justice might not always be the perception of those in power... or God's sense of justice. She taught us that waiting was part of living and disappointments were not the end of the world. Yes, we survived disappointments. 

"I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him." -Psalm 62:1

When we learn to wait quietly before the Lord, there are victories. It isn't about being first, getting the most or being the center of attention. "My victory comes from Him." These are powerful, truthful words. 

It is the paradox of life with and without Jesus. With Him, we can have relatively nothing and it is enough. Without Him, no earthly treasure collection is ever enough. Contentment comes in learning to wait quietly before our God. Being satisfied where we are. Trusting Him to be enough.  

My earthly blessings are far more than I deserve. I relish the exercise of daily gratitude because it keeps me focused on the bigger picture. It means lifting our eyes and opening our hearts to see the wonder and blessing in the little things. It means learning to exercise patience. It means learning to wait quietly for His timing. 

Today, I am grateful for learning to wait for my turn. 

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