Sunday, October 31, 2021

Another Trip around the Sun


Daily Gratitude Year 9 - Day 304: Today, I am grateful for another trip around the sun. 

Student Council trip to Merkle Knipprath Nursing home in 1982. I remember that afternoon and the fun we had with the residents. J.B. Adams shared this photo. I do not recall ever seeing it before. So many friends are in this picture. 

We had read "The Scarlet Letter" with Miss Mills and it was fresh on my mind. I chose to be "Hester Prynne" 

I have enjoyed so many birthday wishes today. I've tried to respond to them all, but the day has slipped away. I am grateful for each one who took the time to make the day special. My heart is full. 

Life delivers joys and sorrows. My Sister-in-Love, Lola, is unexpectedly a widow this weekend. Our hearts ache with hers. Her husband, Ken, was a good man. He loved her well. We will miss his quiet smile and the way he would shake his head and say, "Lola" when she was being silly. He was slow to speak, but when he spoke, he was smart and well spoken. A brother-in-love, not just by law. We are grateful for the time we had together this summer. We had no idea it would be our last time together. We never know if we will be granted another trip around the sun. 

"For everything there is a seasona time for every activity under heaven." -Ecclesiastes 3:1

A time for everything... as we also gathered to celebrate a bride and groom and the new marriage on the horizon. A bridal shower is a beautiful reason to gather. It was a joy to celebrate the promise of a new marriage. 

Each day is a gift. Some days the sorrows are heavy on our hearts. Some days, joy overflows. There are seasons when "every activity under heaven" seems to come together. I am grateful for the reminder to make the most of this day. 

Today, I am grateful for another trip around the sun. 

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